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2-D Mesh to Raster


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I am trying to figure out how to save an SMS created 2-D mesh as a raster. I figure this is going to be a several step process and have been trying to use a combination of SMS, WMS and ArcGIS... I have saved the mesh as .2dm and .tin files, but have not been able to figure out a way to transfer them into a raster. The .tin I save in SMS is also not recognized in ArcGIS. 


Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks much,



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Hi Joel,

It is convenient you have access to all of the software you have listed. Here is one method you could use, you could take your .2dm file from SMS and use the file import wizard within WMS to load in the X,Y,and Z values of the mesh nodes as TIN vertices. You would then triangulate the tin in WMS and convert the TIN to a DEM which will allow you to specify the resolution as fine or course as you desire. Once it is a DEM, use File | Save as... to save it as an arc/info grid format (which should be compatible with mostly any program you are going to use it in).

One thing I would say about this process, or any process where you are drastically changing the structure of the original data, is that you will likely be degrading your data by forcing a set of unstructured mesh nodes to fit a structured raster grid. The extent of the degradation will depend largely upon the resolution you specify for the DEM.

Best of luck,


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