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Export materials coverage from SMS to WMS

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I just tried this.  Just saving a .map file from SMS and reading it into WMS does not transfer the attributes correctly without manually editing the .map file.  It looks like your best option is to export your area property coverage from SMS as a shapefile.  Just select "File | Save as" and export your file.  Then read the shapefile into WMS, create an area property coverage in WMS, and convert your shapefile to feature objects.  You should map the material ID and the material names to the correct fields.  After you have created a 1D schematic in WMS and before saving your RAS File out, be sure to set the material properties (manning's roughness values) and the model control (materials) from the HEC-RAS menu.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else.


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Hi Chris, thank you for your help!

We discovered this same process, but when we convert the GIS shapefile to feature objects, WMS is not finding the metadata associated with material type.  We cannot, therefore, map the material ID and material names in WMS.  This seems to be the gap in the system at the moment.

I appreciate your suggestions.  Do you have another idea?

OK, I figured out where we went wrong -- your guidance is spot on.  We initially imported the shapefile as arcs instead of polygons.  Now that we have imported the shapefile as polygons, I was able to map both the material ID and the material name, and everything dropped into the coverage seamlessly.  

Thanks so much, Chris!



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2nd attempt worked, after converting import function to polygons
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