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hydraulic conductivity of the solids


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For my master thesis I am making a groundwater model to simulated the groundwater flow from a pound to a well. There is already a model of this area but I will make the solids in the interest area in more detail. To avoid influence of the boundary's on the interest area I have made the model larger than the interest area. In the interest area I have made my one layers with the use of drill descriptions. Outside the interest area I have use the layers of the old model. With these two solids I have made a MODFLOW model.

Outside the interest area I want to use a raster data sets for the hydraulic conductivity, for each layers. Inside the interest area I want to give one value for each layer(sand, loam etc.)

The problem is that each layer in the MODFLOW model contains different solid materials. Through this I can't use "use data arrays" because this will coupled the raster data sets to the layers in the MODFLOW model and not to each solid layer.

Is there a way to coupled the data sets of the hydraulic conductivity to the solids?

Thanks in advance


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Sounds like you are interested in telescopic mesh refinement. LGR is one option or you can use the approach described in the regional to local tutorials here:


You would be able to run MODPATH on a model produced using this approach.

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