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I am trying to re-delineate the basins after modifying the outlets, every time I re-use the Delineate Basins Wizard, the process take so long time (about 5 hours or more) compared to the previous one.(about 5 to 15 minutes), I didn't add any thing new, just relocating some of the outlets, I am using WMS v. 10.1.10, nothing is related to the computer performance, space on drives and the memory is ok. What is the reason for that, Is there any thing I have to do to clean the previous processes and make the process take the normal time as before (5 to 15 minutes)?

Thank you

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If you have changed your basin outlet and your basin is much larger, it's possible that your basin data computation time could have gone up significantly.  However, I would say that, depending on what you're trying to do, 5 to 15 minutes should be sufficient time to re-delineate your watershed and compute your basin parameters.  If your computer is taking 5 hours to delineate a basin and compute the parameters, your DEM resolution may be higher than you need.  You could consider decreasing your DEM resolution so the computation goes faster.  Cutting your resolution in half (say from 10 meter cell sizes to 20 meter cell sizes) would decrease your computation by a factor of 4 since you are decreasing the number of cells in bot the X and Y direction on the DEM.  But if you want a more detailed model, maybe you want to keep things how they are.  Usually the most of the delineation/computation time is used to compute basin parameters such as max flow distance.  There's an option to turn these computations off when running the basin delineation wizard or when computing the basin data.

Hope this helps,


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