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I have learned GSSHA recently , I am facing many problems, whenever I want to save the model a message pops up saying that there exist no link , and whenever I want to run the model , it says that another GSSHA model is running and it stops execution.

Please any help?

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Your best bet is to go through one of the tutorials that describe how to build a GSSHA model using WMS.  There are several tutorials I'd recommend.  A good place to start would be the tutorial that describes how to develop a GSSHA model using the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard in WMS.  This tutorial can be downloaded by clicking here.  Select the Hydrology tab and the tutorial is located under the "Spatial Hydrology - HMS MODClark & GSSHA" heading.  The title is "Developing a GSSHA Model using the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard".

I will tell you that if you're getting an error that there are no links, it could be because you have not defined any streams with cross section information.  You need to define cross section information for the 1D hydraulic model (trapezoidal cross sections or user-defined cross sections) if you have turned on the Diffusive Wave option in the GSSHA Job Control dialog.

Hope this helps,


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