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ADCIRC maxele.63 mapping issue: does not match the current geometry


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I am a newbie, learning SMS (version 12.1.6). I have got a couple of ADCIRC output files: fort.14 and maxele.63. I am trying to create maximum water level grid based on these outputs. I am able to open the fort.14 in SMS and visualize the nodes/elements. However, when I try to open maxele.63, I get an error message saying "The file maxele.63 does not match the current geometry.". When I click OK, another error message pop up saying "Syntax errors encountered. The file data was only partially loaded.". While looking into these files, I find that there are 2,034,768 nodes in maxele.63 whereas fort.14 has 3,352,598 nodes. Is this variation in node number an issue or am I doing anything wrong here? 

Thank you in advance,


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It sounds like something went wrong in the ADCIRC simulation run, perhaps a problem with converging or something like that, and as a result the solution dataset was messed up. It's difficult to say what is causing the problem without taking a closer look at your model. If you want you can send an email to our technical support team and they will see if it is a problem with your model or a bug in SMS. Their email is "support@aquaveo.com".

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