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issues making a FEmwater model converging


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Hello to all,

i have an issue with a TRANSIENT model that runs WITHOUT PROBLEMS IN MODFLOW for a problem of for years pumping and injecting water within a site. I am now using a STEADY FEMWATER model to simulate a complex stratigraphy present on the unsaturated aquifers that could influence some contamination present in the site due to the presence of clay lenses. The model is well defined the whole conceptual model followed according to the femwater tutorials, the only change is that I am defining the layers top and bottom from solids obtained from stratigraphic data, defining specific clay lenses top/bottom scattered within the site.

WHEN I run the check femwater there are no errors, only some warnings regarding the fact that I have some injection wells with positive flow-rate and some areas with recharge equal to zero, the femwater start and then I got the message that I have to change the MAXNPK to 14842, I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I CAN CHANGE THOSE SETTINGS, seems to be that this is the only issue avoiding my model to run ( i hope so!), does anybody could give a hint to fix this problem? .

besides i would also accept other suggestions when using injection and pumping wells within a transient model (not this one but the one i want to set up after this steady-state converges)

i  REALLY would appreciate your help IN ADVANCE



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Hi Alexxander

This error is simply because your model is too big for the array bounds that are hard coded into the compiled version of FEMWATER that is supplied with GMS. MAXNPK is the maximum number of mesh nodes. You will need to contact Aquaveo to get a source code for FEMWATER, then recompile with a larger value of MAXNPK (and possibly some other array bounds as they tend to be interrelated).

I have the source, and am happy to share with you if Aquaveo agrees. My version has a couple of small bug fixes too.



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