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The index precipitation


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In HMS, there's an option to "Use Indexing" under the Meteorologic Data options.  If this option is turned on and you have multiple sub-basins, you can enter an index for each gage and each sub-basin in your model.  See Page 243 of the HMS (4.0) manual.  It says: "The indexing option is used to adjust gage data when there are regional trends in precipitation patterns.  Using the index option requires the specification of an index value for each precipitation gage and each subbasin.  The average annual precipitation total is often used as the index at a gage, and the estimated average annual precipitation over a subbasin area is often used as the index for a subbasin.  Alternately, the monthly average values may be used at each gage and each subbasin.  The index values are used to adjust the precipitation data for regional trends before calculating the weighted depth and weighted timing."

So it looks like you would only use that option if you want HMS to adjust the gage precipitation based on climactic conditions in different parts of your watershed.  Hope that helps,


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