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Numbering and Labeling of sub-basins, empty sub-basins


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WMS provides auto-numbering and naming of the sub-basins as well as few sub-basins will be delineated as empty sub-basins didn't have any tributaries. Is there any options to make WMS get ride of the empty sub-basins and combine them with the more logic adjacent ones, and also is there any option for customizing the auto numbering and labeling of the sub-basins.

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The sub-basins are created based on the connections of your streams and outlet points in the map module.  You would get rid of any sub-basins you don't need by modifying the connections or deleting stream arcs in the map module from WMS.

There is no way to customize the auto-numbering and labeling of sub-basins in your model.  You can change the basin names in your model, but no two basins can have the same name.



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