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Can't assign Recharge conc. of the species in MT3DMS

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Yes. I did initiate that first of all. Then in the Basic Transport Package, defined
the species, set ouput control, selected the packages and defined the stress
periods. However, when I go to the 'Conceptual Model Properties' dialog by
double-clicking on the Model in the Project Explorer, and then define the species
using the option available there, the 'Recharge Conc.' option shows up in the
Polygon Properties dialog. But, in that case, arises another problem. GMS goes off and a 'Bug Information' dialog is displayed.


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Okay - for your Conceptual Model, right mouse click on it and go to properties.  I'm sure you already clicked on transport being included, but you also need to click the button for define species and than add a new species.  I just did that and the recharge concentration came up for my polygon.

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