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Adding a heterogeneous K field to a material based conceptual model


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I have a material-based conceptual model developed from an existing FEM model - 10 layers, all but one layer have homogeneous Kh and Kv values.  Using MF2005 with LPF. The one heterogeneous layer is currently represented by the geometric mean.  How can I incorporate the heterogeneous layer in the material based model?

Thanks in advance


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I'm no expert on this, but if your heterogeneous layer has more than just a couple of different Kh and Kv values then you would probably be better off using the data array method instead. You could possibly define unique material definitions for different sets of Kv and Kh values in the layer, but again depending on how varied those values are this may be very time-intensive. Instead It should be simpler for you to transition the material-based model into one that uses data arrays. You could convert the FEM model's Kh and Kv values into a set of 2D scatter points with a unique data set for each layer, and then have their datasets directly interpolated into the Kh and Kv arrays for each layer of the MODFLOW 3D grid. The "Interpolating Layer Data" tutorial on the learning center for GMS on the Aquaveo website has some good guidelines for doing this. Hope this helps.

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