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I have a model where my IBOUND array varies from 1 to 4. I understand that values < 0 make constant head cells, values = 0 create inactive cells, and values > 1 create active cells, but what does this variation in positive values do to the model? What is the purpose?




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The variation in IBOUND Array values doesn't change any process in the model. From what I am able to find, the different numbers are only to differentiate between arrays for each layer. The Online Guide to MODFLOW outlines that the only the sign of values are important to how the model is handled.



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Thank you!!


I also saw that "MODPATH  also uses a copy of IBOUND in it's input and uses the absolute value of IBOUND to indicate special zones.". I did change the MODPATH zones to identify various areas in the model.

This might have also affected the IBOUND array.


Thanks again!

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