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Rainfall Stations in WMS


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I have a GIS data containing a number of rainfall gauges of the events in the past 10 years, for each year I just have the rainfall intensity for 3 or 4 month only and the rest of the year the intensity is 0, how to use these information in WMS, how to model this 10 years, how to use/import these data into WMS and how to setup a model to handle that, I saw the tutorials but I need additional help to figure out this real problem.

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I have some information that might help you.  You would use the HEC-HMS SMA method to define a long term model in WMS.  The information I have includes presentations and a paper that describes how the HMS SMA method works as well as a small tutorial that is a little outdated but describes how to enter data for the SMA method in an older version of WMS.  The paper is for a case study we did for a long term model for a tributary of the Nile River.  The steps in the tutorial would not have changed much in the most recent version of WMS, but there will be some differences.  I have placed .zip files for you to download at the following locations:



Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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