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MODFLOW multi layer: how to change layer properties by polygon coverage

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I've create a multi layer Modflow model (3 layers) converted from a Solid Model (LPF, material ID).

The idraulic properties are assigned by means of material ID, one for each layer.

 a. HK_a  for layer 1
 b. HK_b, for layer 2
 c. HK_c, for layer 3
Now I need the to include a new building with foundations below the ground elevation and above layer 2.
The building foundation has a different HK_d << HK_a, HK_b, HK_c.

I create a new coverage with material properties and layer range. I assign the new HK to the polygon representing the buiding. I try Map to Modflow but when I query the Modflow cells the HK value is not changed.

How can I assign it to cells inside the polygon representing the buiding area?

My workround is to select intersecting cells by polyon and manual assign the material ID.

Thank you


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Since you are using materials to assign HK you want to change the material in the grid where the new foundation will be. There is an option to assign a material to a polygon in the conceptual model. So you will want to make a new material in the Materials Editor dialog and assign the properties. Then assign this material to your polygon and select Map->MODFLOW. Then you can check that the HK has been assigned to the grid.

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