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Run MODPATH in transient model


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Everything is the same, but GMS does not run MODPATH automatically. You must save, then click the Run MODPATH command under the MODPATH menu. The reason GMS doesn't run MODPATH automatically for transient models like it does for steady state models is because MODPATH can take a long time to run with some transient models.

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I am having the same problem, but I am unable to run MODPATH even when I manually click "run modpath".

My model is the classic Henry problem and includes the SEAWAT module. Every time I try running the model I get the following message:
"Pathlines not computed because no MODFLOW cell-by-cell flow solution file could be found. Turn on on the cell-by-cell file output option in MODFLOW Output COntrol, or turn off Pathlines in the Project Explorer to avoid this message."

I have tried turning everything on in MODFLOW Output Control, and it still doesn't work.

Is there a way of making this work?
Alternately, is there a way of using the final flow solution from SEAWAT as a steady state solution on MODFLOW and simply running MODPATH within this solution?

Any help is much appreciated

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For some reason your MODFLOW run is not creating the *.ccf file. As the error message says, you need this file to run MODPATH. Make sure that the ccf check box is on in the output control. If you still don't get a ccf file then make sure the model converges and you can also check the *.out file to see if there are any reported errors.

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