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refine the grid around a containment wall


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Hi All,

I have to include a containment wall into an existing mudflow model in GMS. The grid is coarse around this wall. The wall is available as a GIS shapefile (line feature object). My model has 9 layers but the wall runs from the surface to halfway of the 3rd layer. I have 2 questions

1. How do I refine the grid around the containment wall (shapefile or line feature object)?

2. Should I split the 3rd layer at the bottom elevation of the wall, give the properties of the existing 3rd layer to both of these new layers as a result of splitting (say 3rd upper and 3rd lower) and define the wall from the surface to the bottom of the 3rd upper layer? or is there any other way to do this in GMS?

I very much appreciate all your responses and suggestions.

Thank you,


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