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Minimizing the size of result files (memory efficient model)

Saubhagya Singh

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I am trying to run a simulation for a very long duration (more that 80,000 days). Last few MT3D simulation crashed probably because the folder containing MT3D files exceeded 10 GB in size. This brought few queries in my mind.

1) Are such a huge MT3D file sizes normal?

2) What settings/criterion in GMS controls the file size? Is it time step size or cell sizes? Does Max number of inner and outer iterations affect the sizes of files?

3) To start with, what is the best way to estimate the optimal grid spacing and time step size? If model is huge and takes time to set up, trying different grid spacing can be tedious. 

These questions are bothering me since a long time. Answers would really be appreciated. 

Thanks and Regards


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P.S.: Can "multipliers" be useful to reduce file sizes?

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The output size can be reduced by changing the MT3DMS output control options. This can be done by selecting the MT3DMS | Basic Transport Package menu item, and clicking on the Output Control button on the left of the Basic Transport Package dialog. Using the radio buttons in the middle of the Output Control dialog, output can be adjusted to be saved at specified times, at the end of the simulation, or at a specified interval.

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Thank you very much. That was really helpful.

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