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velocity vectors


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On 1/22/2016 at 1:16 AM, Alan Lemon said:

1. Convert the 3D grid to 3D scatter points

2. Right-click on the vector data set under the new 3D scatter points and select the view values command

3. Select the Export button and save the text file.

I followed the exact same steps, but what I got in the end is the velocity magnitude and NOT vx, vy, vz. Also it is unclear for which layer of the model is the produced file!

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My mistake. It looks like the velocity vectors do not convert to the scatter set. 

You can right click on the velocity vectors in the 3D grid and select the View values command and export the file. This will give you a file with id,k,i,j,vx,vy,vk. So you will know the layers but you won't have the xyz info. You can get the xyz info from the data set that you exported under the scatter points. The data will be in the same order. So with a little manipulation in excel you can get x,y,z, vx,vy,vk.

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