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How to view mesh data in 3-D

Marion Kessy

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I forgot how to view mesh data-in 3_D for QA/QC.

Can someone help me with this?

SMS displays most everything in 3D all of the time, but the default view is plan view. To see the 3D effects, use the rotate tool to look at SMS from a different direction.

Some hints:

Use z-magnification (display options-general tab) to exagerate the z values if everything is too flat.

Turn on shading (display options, general, shading tab) to see shadows and highlight 3D effects.

Use functional surfaces (dispaly options, mesh module) to see values at their specified z to show waves or flood levels at the level they occur at.

When you rotate out of plan view, the background image will stop displaying. You can display it on the mesh elevation by turning the texture map location (display options, general tab) to the mesh.

Good luck. :rolleyes:

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