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SRH-2D Morphological Analysis


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I'm using SMS v11.2.10 (64-bit)

Build Date: May 11 2015

How do you run an SRH-2D Morphological Analysis in SMS using the new srhgeom, srhhydro, srhmat, etc. files? When I launch SRH-2D, the pre-processor stops and waits for input at the specific gravity and number of sediment classes. I have a *_SIF.dat file with all of the correct parameters for the pre-processor, but SMS doesn't seem to utilize it. I downloaded the tutorial files for SMS 11.2 and 12.1, but none of the tutorials use a Morphological Analysis. Is it not possible to run SRH-2D in Morph mode from SMS?

In the past... I've used the generic mesh with the SRH-2D template and run the pre-processor in partial interface mode.

Thank you.

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The Sediment Transport module within SRH-2D is not yet publicly available, so SMS will not be able to process the SRH-2D Sediment module at this time. Be sure to check back for SMS Updates here on the Forum, and you will know when it will be available.



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