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downward and lateral flow


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Hi All,

I have a multilayer model. The model has been developed using conceptual method. Model has three sides. Two sides are rivers. 3rd side is a regular boundary and it’s hard to get a good calibration (45 degree line initially) assuming the 3rd side is no flow boundary. Therefore,

  1. I like to specify lateral flows across 3rd boundary based on its heads and other properties.
  2. I also like to specify downward flow from the bottom of the model (sandy layer at the bottom)

3. I tried GHB along the 3rd boundary. Currently, GMS let us specify GHB only for a range of layers (say from layer 5 though 9). Is there a way that I can specify GHB only for selected layers along this boundary (say layer 5, 8 and 9 only)?

I very much appreciate if you can explain how I can do above three things.

Thank you,


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