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Running SRH-2D with culverts using SMS 12.0.6


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I came across a problem involving culverts, not sure if it has to do with a bug or an operation error on my part. When launching the simulation run, I keep getting an error stating “Could not open the file *.hy8”. The model was able to run successfully without the culvert in-place in a separate run. So I know it has to do with the culvert.

I entered the culvert in the model by following the procedure as outlined in the manual:

1- First, specified the file location of the HY-8 model, under the edit tab /preferences.

2- Created the *.Hy8 file through the boundary condition coverage.

3- By activating the BC coverage, created two arcs, then right-clicked and selected “Assign Linear BC”.

4- Launched the HY-8 program to enter the culvert properties.

5- As an experiment, I also copied the HY-8 program and libraries into the same project folder, re-specified the pathway and tried to run the model again, but got the same error message.

Any help or advice on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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This is Zack from Aquaveo's Technical Support staff. HY8 often has a problem opening files that contain and spaces in the filepath, and it sounds like this might be the case. For instance the filepath "C:\Users\zfisher\Downloads\Bore holes\culvert.hy8" will cause the program to close but the filepath "C:\Users\zfisher\Downloads\Bore_holes\culvert.hy8" would read in fine. Try removing any spaces in your filepath to the *.hy8 file and see if that works. If not, contact us at support@aquaveo.com and we will work with you to resolve this issue.



Aquaveo Technical Support
(801) 691-5530
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