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Variable grid size: how to export cells size (width and lenght)?

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I export drawdown and head values from Modflow simulation.

I can get the drawdowns and head values from i,j,k triplets.

As I use a variable grid size (grid refinement) is there a way to export the grid size for each i,j,k?

I need to plot a cross section for drawdown and head values vs distance from a well.

Thjank you


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To get the coordinates of the cell centers you could take the 3D Grid, right click on it, and select the Convert to | UGrid menu item. Then with the created UGrid you could right click on a dataset and select the View Values... menu item. From there you could export the dataset including the coordinates of the cell centers. The export will be a CSV file that can be imported into Excel to do the calculations. It could be pasted into a spreadsheet with a dataset from the 3D Grid to match up with the IJK values.

It may be that you want grid relative coordinates. If so, you could right click on the 3D grid, select the Properties menu item and change the x, y, and z origin to zero and grid rotation to 90 before converting to a UGrid.

If the version of GMS you're using is older than 10.0 you could do the same thing converting to a 3D mesh.

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