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Projection Problems


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I am currently building a conceptual model for my thesis and am running into problems. I have a USGS .dem map of the area that I am using for building the boundaries. When I input the DEM to my model it displays the elevation values correctly but that they are in meters and should be in feet; the elevation in this area ranges from 600-1000ft but the model displays as 600-1000m. I adjusted the DEM projection to display vertical as US Survey Feet and the vertical units all change to 220-320 what I assume are meters. Now I am creating a set of boreholes in the area as a base for making my solids and HGU. When I attempt to edit a borehole a message is displayed that "To edit boreholes the display projection must match the borehole projection. No edits will be saved." So my question is should I change my borehole projection units to vertical US Survey feet as well and input the layer elevations in feet or in meters? Any other solution are acceptable as well. My GMS version is 10.0.11

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To change the display projection to be the same as the boreholes, right click on the Boreholes folder in the Project Explorer and select Projection | Set as Display Projection. Then you'll be able to edit the boreholes.

While The DEM and the boreholes can have different projections, the graphics view can also be set to its own projection. Values for objects with a projection different from the display are converted behind the scenes to the display projection so everything displayed matches. To edit a projected object the display and object projections have to match.

The display projection can also be set by selecting the Display | Display Projection... menu item.

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