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STR1 package and flow observation


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Hallo all,

I have problem with STR1 package and observed flow rate.

Firstly, I used in my Modflow simulation River package. I assigned flow observations to several stream arcs in map module and run the Modflow simulation. Consequently, I saw both computed and observed flow at the bottom of the graphics windows, by click on the observed arcs. The box and whiskers plots showed only little differences between computed and observed flow rates :rolleyes: .

If I replace the River package by STR1 package, I can see only observed flow value in the edit strip :( ! The next problem is that the box and whiskers plots near observed stream arcs show, that the errors are grater than 200%. I tried to modify the input parameters, but despite it the box and whiskers plots show the same errors.

Why GMS doesn’t show computed flow on the edit strip by click on the observed stream arc?

Why doesn’t response to changes in the stream input parameters?

Please help



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Are you using GMS 6.5? I believe that creating flow observations for stream arcs was added in version 6.5.

Was a *.stob file written with your simulation? If not then MODFLOW did not account for the stream observations.

If you are using GMS 6.5 and the stob file is being written out then tech support should look at your files to get a better idea of what is going on.

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