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New Computer for GMS

Bruce Campbell

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When configuring a new computer, one of the most important components is memory--be sure the amount of RAM is sufficient for the type of models you're working with. It's easy to gauge how much RAM GMS uses by watching the Windows task manager. The faster the CPU, the better GMS will perform. There are only a few features/utilities in GMS designed to run in parallel. So, a faster quad core processor may be better than a more expensive 6-core processor.

For graphics cards, we generally recommend discrete graphics and nVidia branded cards. A mid-range "gaming" card works well for GMS. There aren't additional benefits (for GMS) of going from a GeForce to a Quadro card, as Quadro cards have specific features for certain software programs like ESRI ArcGIS or AutoCAD.

For storage, there are some speed advantages to using SSD drives over traditional spinning hard drives.
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