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Redistribute model layers


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Dear All,

Is there a way to distribute only specific layers between fixed top and bottom elevations?

Assume having a 3 layer model with top elevations 0,-12,-24 meters and a thickness of 12 meters. Now i want to refine layer 2 into 3 layers with top elevations of -12,-16-20 meters.

I can do it using the add k boundary tool and set the layers elevations for these layers in this specific case but this will be impossible for real layers with varying thickness from cell to cell.

An alternativ way could be the Grid -> Redistribute layers command but as far as i see it there is no way to just distribute the new layers between the top and bottom elevation of the old layer 3. In this case the fractions would be 1/3 , 1/9, 1/9, 1/9 , 1/3. But for real models the fraction of the total thickness the new layers would occupy is not constant over the model area.



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There's also the Redistribute Grid Cells command from the right-click menu after selecting grid cells. I used the points.gpr project in the layerdata/sample folder of the tutorial files and used the Redistribute Grid Cells command to split layer two into three layers as shown in the attached figure.


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This command will split the selected layer into 3 layers of equal thickness am I right?

What if I want to split the layer into layers of e.g. 1/4, 2/4, 1/4 of the original layer thickness? Is there a way?

EDIT: Maybe a way besides dividing the layer into 4 layers and merging the middel ones afterwards?

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