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Support PCG7 for MODFLOW-2005


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In MODFLOW-2005, PCG2 was upgraded to PCG7. As of GMS 10.0.10 (Jun 10 2015) only PCG2 is shown and supported, even when choosing either MODFLOW-2005 or related (such as MODFLOW-NWT).

The only difference is the support of the optional [iHCOFADD] parameter, which is a flag that determines what happens to an active cell that is surrounded by dry cells:

  • 0—cell converts to dry regardless of HCOF value. This is the default, which is the way PCG2 worked prior to the addition of this option.
  • Not 0—cell converts to dry only if HCOF is 0 (no head-dependent stresses or storage terms) )

PCG2 should still be utilized for MODFLOW-2000.

See more about this modification in RevisedMF2005Input.pdf and/or readme_PCG.txt

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