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Import wells as a file to conceptual model


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Hello Dear User

previously I created 3-D lithology model in Rockwork software and I imported that as layers to GMS, image attached,

Now I have a question related to the use of the wells, I Want to import wells to different layer as a text file, and specify layers that related to them, Is there a procedure? Any idea will be appreciated.

Many Thanks



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There currently isn't an option to map a well text import field directly to a layer range. You could setup a coverage for each layer range you wanted to specify, split up the text file to multiple files matching each coverage, and then one by one import to each coverage.

The fields that are available are described at http://www.xmswiki.com/wiki/GMS:File_Import_Wizard_Supported_File_Formats in the Well data and Pumping data sections.

To import steady state data you would use a "Well data" import (X, Y are required; Name, Depth, Screen Length, and Flow Rate are optional).

To import transient data you would first import a "Well data" file with at least X, Y, and Name to set up the well points, then a "Pumping data" import to add the transient data (Well Name, Date/Time, and Flow Rate are required, and Depth, and Screen Length are optional).

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