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ppest - default paths slaves

Dirk Herding

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Hello everybody,

I’ve started a transient ppest run with 9 slaves (9 slaves = 9 ccf-files = ~ 180GB + heads + drawd). Too much for my c-drive...

In the *.rmf file – written after the model execution – the default paths are stored.



9 0 0.001 1

'slave0' .\

'slave1' C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\GMS_8104\ppest\slave1

'slave2' C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\GMS_8104\ppest\slave2


When I manually create the file and copy into the folder, it will be overwritten. How can I change the default paths (before I run the model) in GMS?


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After editing the *.rmf file, you could possibly run PEST outside of GMS. At the end of this post is a batch file I was able to get working with the advanced PEST tutorial. After successfully running the batch file to import the optimal solution into GMS you would need to go into the MODFLOW | Parameters, import the optimal values, change to forward run (MODFLOW | Global Options change run options to Forward), and then run MODFLOW.

@echo onset ppest_dir=C:\temp\ppestset model_dir="C:\Program Files (x86)\GMS 10.0\models\pest"set project=run2_SvdAssist%model_dir%\mf2pest.exe %project%.m2pstart "slave 0" %model_dir%\pslave.exe %project%_bat1.batstart "slave 1" /D %ppest_dir%\slave1\ %model_dir%\pslave.exe %project%_bat1.batstart "slave 2" /D %ppest_dir%\slave2\ %model_dir%\pslave.exe %project%_bat1.batstart "slave 3" /D %ppest_dir%\slave3\ %model_dir%\pslave.exe %project%_bat1.batstart "slave 4" /D %ppest_dir%\slave4\ %model_dir%\pslave.exe %project%_bat1.batstart "slave 5" /D %ppest_dir%\slave5\ %model_dir%\pslave.exe %project%_bat1.batstart "slave 6" /D %ppest_dir%\slave6\ %model_dir%\pslave.exe %project%_bat1.batstart "slave 7" /D %ppest_dir%\slave7\ %model_dir%\pslave.exe %project%_bat1.batstart "slave 8" /D %ppest_dir%\slave8\ %model_dir%\pslave.exe %project%_bat1.bat%model_dir%\ppest.exe %project%
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