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Modeling Liner Placement


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I am working with a transient model of an impoundment. The impoundment will be lined over the course of 10 years. Currently, there is a 100 acre pool on one end of the impoundment. I have this pool modeled via the river package. I have modeled the liner by adjusting the RCH to 0 in various areas, equivalent to schedule for liner placement. about halfway through liner placement, the pool is lined. To model this, at the 5 year timestep, I adjust the RCH to 0 and the river package conductance to 0.

My model runs fine, but my output does not make sense.

After the river package is turned off, I expect a drop in water levels throughout the impoundment over the course of a few months. There is 70 feet of drawdown occurring in the matter of hours. This is not realistic of actual conditions.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to trouble shoot this?


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