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Visualizing ADCIRC Output in SMS


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Hi there

I'm a new SMS user, and I'm trying to visualize the ADCIRC output for Hurricane Isaac, which is in netcdf format. I'm unfamiliar with fortran, and all the different formats associated with ADCIRC output. I have accessed the ADCIRC output for Isaac through the THREDDS Data Server, and the following files are listed:





My questions are listed below:

1) Do the first two files provide information on Isaac's depth averaged velocity, and do the last two files provide information on Isaac's water surface elevation?

2) What is the difference between the (nc.xmf) format and the (nc) format?

3) How do I pull these files into SMS in order to visualize the ADCIRC output and calibrate the model?

4) Isn't there a SMS tool that allows you to directly access the empirical data (Isaac's surge and velocity, etc) needed for model calibration?

Any and all feedback is very much appreciated!



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Hello Tarveras,

This is Zack from Aquaveo Technical Support, thank you for your questions. I'm not sure why there is a .nc or a .xmf file extension after your files, those normally don't appear. However if you have the original mesh file you should be able to pull these files in, the maxele.63 will be your max elevation and your maxvel.63 will be your max velocity.



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