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activate cells in coverages leaves more active cells in layer 1 than the rest


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I have created a grid using the Map->3D grid command. However when i go to us the activate cells in coverages command, I am left with more active cells in layer 1 than in the other layers. For example when i look at the IBOUND array for the cells in row 6 column 11, the IBOUND is 1 in layer 1 and 0 in the remaining layers. This happens at numerous locations around the boundary of the model domain. Any suggestions on how to easily fix this?

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This occurs if you have the "use to define model boundary (active area)" box checked in ANY coverage in addition to your activation coverage. This is a common problem at the moment, because if you select "layer range" in a coverage, it automatically checks the "..active area)" box. A bit annoying really. It will cause the activation errors whether you map the coverage to the model or not, so make sure you check ALL of your coverage.

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