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Exporting watershed TIN to ArcGIS format


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Hi. I'm very new to WMS but am giving it a try to do some dam break scenario tests with SMPDBK. I was able to get all of the way through the process (thanks to your great tutorial) and now have the result MaxWS_fd tin.

I have two questions:

1) I can't get the Color Fill to work as it generates an error saying my Tin has too many triangles. Is there a workaround for this?

2) I'd like to export the result so that I can use it with my GRASS or ArcGIS project. However, I just cannot figure out how to export the data in WMS.

If anyone can offer some tips, I'd appreciate it.

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For question 1, there's not an easy workaround. You can try filtering your TIN to reduce the number of vertices and triangles. There's a right-click option to filter your TIN. If you do filter the TIN, you'll have to re-compute your floodplain delineation from the Flood | Delineate menu item.

Once you have you flood depth dataset, you can right-click on this dataset and set it as your elevation dataset. Then, you can right click on your TIN and convert your TIN to a DEM (a DEM is a raster grid in ArcGIS or GRASS) and the flood depths will be converted to a DEM. Once you have a DEM with the flood depths, you can right-click on the DEM and select the Save Digital Elevation File menu item. There are options to save your DEM to several raster grid formats. You can save your DEM to one of these formats and read the DEM into ArcGIS or GRASS.

Let me know if I can help with anything else,


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