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Confusion about layer elevations


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Hi everyone,

I have Aster data(cell size : 25m*25m) about the topology of my watershed. I create top and bottom layer elevation data from this raster. Then I convert them into 2D scatter data which is a shapefile and add it into GMS. To use it for my elevation data I interpolate this 2D scatter data set to MODFLOW top and bottom layer elevations. Also I use 150*150 cell size in my model.

Am I doing the right thing for the layer elevations? Also the cell sizes between the raster data-set and the model makes a difference on the result or is it wrong to do that?


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Hello Umur

I think you are doing the correct thing. This is what I usually do to transfer layer elevation to MODFLOW layers. However, I am usually concerned with the interpolation technique I use to interpolate between grid values. I prefer to use the same technique for all layers to be consistent, although changing the technique may not cause any problem with model data. Using different interpolation techniques for layer elevation may (or may not) result in generating unrealistic layers compared with the actual data. I suggest to check your created layers with the actual data you have to make sure that what you get is reasonable.

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