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Any experience with Conduit Flow Process (CFP) package?


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MODFLOW-CFP is a version of MODFLOW-2005 that includes the CFP package which simulates flow in lateral macropores ("conduits") in one of two ways (1) by explicit specification of pore geometry or (2) by implicit specification of macropore effects via a non-linear flux-head-gradient function.

I am doing some transient modelling to simulate 3D flow in a small hillslope that has a large number of water table piezometers. There are 3 material layers (ignimbrite sand) but adjusting the Ksat with PEST does not give a good fit to the water level data. I would like to try simulating CFP (there are certainly macropores at the site) but have not been successful in getting mf2005cfp running. Has anyone had any luck with this?

I set up a MF2005 model, which ran correctly, then added the CFP package (the input file is quite simple) and attempted to run with mf2005cfp.exe, but it crashed on the first time step with a convergence failure. Any suggestions? I put conduits in every layer with mean diameter 1.0, and critical Reynold's Numbers 1.0 and 2.0. I used T = 20 degrees.


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