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Interpolate raster to MODFLOW layer


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Dear all,

I'm trying to interpolate a raster to the RCH MODFLOW layer. The raster file, a GeoTiff contains the recharge values and is displayed correctly in GMS.

Using Interpolate to -> MODFLOW Layer... i mapped the raster to the MODFLOW Recharge data and press OK, but checking the MODFLOW RCH package revevals that the data is not entered there.

It works fine when I convert the raster first using Convert to -> 2D Scatter and interpolate the resulting 2D Scatter Data to the MODFLOW RCH layer.

Any comments about that behaviour?



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I was able to reproduce the problem with a simple case. I will report a bug and add a test to our testing suite for this particular feature.

I will try to remember to post a response here when the bug is fixed. Once that happens if you go to the GMS download area you will see that we post a nightly build. If you don't want to wait for the "official" update to GMS you can get that version.

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I had the same problem, so I am so glad to learn that it's been resolved. I will download the newest release and check out.

I also have an image for nitrate concentrations. Is there a way to interpolate that to MT3DMS? I am thinking of a workaround where I interpolate the image into recharge then copy the recharge data to the clipboard and past in the concentration grid. But I think GMS should enable direct interpolation from raster/image to MT3DMS.

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