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Chris Blount

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Is there an autosave feature for SMS? If not, I want to suggest that this feature be included. I sometimes have problems with the program freezing when using LTEA mesh generation or loading large datasets. For example, I had a linear simulation for LTEA I tried to run over the weekend (estimated clock time of ~7 hrs), but when I tried to look at SMS when I got back it was not responding. It should have run to completion, but it didn't save the results since I couldn't manually do it. Also a "back" feature would be nice for those times when I'm manually editing a mesh or accidentally delete something from the domain. One other thing while I'm making suggestions...a way to save the "desktop" or lock the toolbars in place would be nice (a la AutoCAD, MATLAB, etc.). Sometimes when I load new data, the toolbars and time step window move around.


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Well, at least in SMS 9.0 there's File/Autosave...

Haven't used newer version though, but i'd be suprised if there were none.


Heimo, I thought I had seen one while using SMS, and you're right. I looked back and there is one in 9.2, but I can't find one in 10.0.


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Sorry about the confusion.


There was an autosave feature in SMS prior to version 10.0. After version 10.0 we discovered some shortcomings with autosave and decided to remove it from SMS 10.0 and recreate it from scratch at a later date.

The major issue was that SMS would sometimes try to autosave when SMS was doing something or when a dialog was up and the data was in an inconsistent state. This could lead to crashes within SMS. Another issue was that autosave was designed only to recover from a software crash. If the software did not crash but you wished to load a previously autosaved version of your project, there was not a way to do this.

We decided to remove the feature and recreate it with an eye towards making it more robust and useful.


As far as an undo capability is concerned, it is something that we have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about but would be very difficult to implement. For now, you will need to try to remember to save often and return to a saved version when necessary.

LTEA mesh generation and loading large dataset problems

I'm sorry to hear that you have had problems in these areas. If the problems are reproducible to any degree, please contact technical support (support@aquaveo.com) and let them know how to reproduce the problem. If you could send us your files, it would greatly assist us in reproducing the problem. Even if it just happens sometimes, we would appreciate any help you can give us to identify the problems so we can fix them.

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