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Problem in stratigraphy modeling


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Dear GMS users,

I have prepared and entered my borehole data into the GMS to generate stratigraphy of my study area. I have also created and filled required cross sections using GMS. Now, I want to snap the cross sections to the top surface of the study area using TIN. But, I have faced the error as “Top Arc elevations on cross section (s): …. have been changed to prevent intersection of arcs” and GMS cannot finish the process. I stuck in this step and any idea / comments would be really appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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Any cross sections that give the error will need to be manually edited in the Cross Section editor. The Cross Section editor can be opened by double clicking on the cross section in the Project Explorer. Then to edit the cross section you can use the select arc tool, click on an arc to select it, then right click on the arc and select "Tin to Arc..." to snap it to the tin. You may need to add more vertices to an arc to get an it to snap to the tin which you can do manually with the create vertices tool or you right click on an arc and use the "Redistribute Vertices" command. You may need to snap to several arcs to the tin depending on how many layers it goes through. When you're finished getting the arcs edited you should run the "Build Cross Section Polygons" command which is the center item in the top right toolbar. When run it may give an error saying there are invalid polygons. You should be able to run the "Build Cross Section Polygons" command again to get it to work.

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