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"Could not open the file" -- after crash


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When using a GMS 10.0 project, if my computer crashes, the project does not open when the computer starts up again. What I see if I try to open it is an error dialog:

GMS 10.0 (64-bit) Could not open the file I:\path\to\my\file.gpr for reading/writing. File may be open in another process. Check permissions.

None of the advice in the dialog is useful. It could be relevant that the project files are stored on a Novell Network drive, but only my one computer is using the project, and I don't see any properties with the "Novell Info" panel of the file properties that are different to any other GPR file. Furthermore, the normal files properties don't have anything different (e.g. "read-only" attribute is not active). Inspecting the same file with HDFView shows that the file is somehow "in use", so the HDF5 container appears to be locked.

My workaround is to rename the GPR file to another name, and sometimes the prefix for the "_MODFLOW" directory too.

Is there a better recovery technique?

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