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Map -> RT3D for multiple species


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I am running a model with both TCE and DCE. I created a starting concentration coverage for both TCE and DCE as the contours for the individual constituents do not overlap. When I use the Map->RT3D command for TCE everything works fine. However when I then go to use the Map -> RT3D command for the DCE starting concentration, the TCE starting concentrations all disappear and I am left with just the DCE starting concentrations. I have tried mapping the coverages individually and simultaneously but I still get the same result. A similar thing happens when I try to map the transient specified source zone concentrations to RT3D.

Anyone know how I can easily map these individual concentration coverages without the other species disappearing?

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I tried that. It didn't work, but for a different reason. If the shape of the TCE and DCE source areas were different, then the source concentrations would be cut in half or more for some reason. I finally just did Map->RT3D for the TCE and then for DCE manually selected the cells and input the source zone concentrations.

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