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RT3D/Transient Observation Coverage


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I am using RT3D in GMS 10 to simulate Aerobic/Anaerobic PCE/TCE dechlorination. I would like to set up a transient observation coverage for the TCE and another one for DCE. However, it does not appear that I have that option. When I go to the coverage setup under observation points, there is no check box for transient concentration. Also, when i go to the Basic Transport Package and then to Packages, the Transport Observation Package is dimmed so that i can't check it. Does GMS no longer allow transient concentration observation points or is there something that I am missing in the documentation? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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In the conceptual model you will need to turn on the transport option and set the model to RT3D and then select the reaction that you are using. Now when you go into the coverage setup you will see the species associated with the reaction that you have chosen.

RT3D does not support the TOB package so GMS does all of the residual calculations for you.

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