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Problem with transient simulation


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Hello everyone,

I have a problem with a transient simulation regarding the head convergence.

Initially, I created a steady-state model which run properly. I used a uniform aquifer thickness (250m) (interpolating top and bottom from gis data), 5 layers and as regards the boundary conditions, I used constant head boundary conditions (south boundary) and general head boundary conditions (north boundary). For aquifer type I used the convertible option, while for the extraction wells I used MNW package. The simulation run properly, but the result was some dry cells mostly in the first layer (image).

In order to conduct a transient simulation, I used as initial heads the results of the steady one. Moreover, I copied the results and dropped them into a spreadsheet, doing a search and replacing all dry cell results with a "0" while assigning to the rest the value "1" in order to create an IBound file. I tried to run the model, but it didn't converged. Also, I tried to use other solvers, but the result was the same.

When I'm using the confined option in the LFP package there are no such problems as it is expected. Can you please give some tips on what may be the problem and what to do in order the transient simulation to run properly with the convertible option?

Thank you!

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