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Preparing pre-created TIN into WMS for CE-QUAL-W2


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Sorry if this has already been asked somewhere in this forum, but I'm a research student modelling water quality with CE-QUAL-W2, new to both WMS and CE-QUAL-W2, and I'm finding the tutorials/Wiki pages confusing.

I would like to create my lake bathymetry in ArcGIS as I have ArcGIS shapefiles and I am applying Kriging, using both land and lake elevation data points, in the interpolation. I then want to just export my masked lake area to WMS to create the segments needed for CE-QUAL-W2.

All I've been demonstrated how to do is to import my ArcGIS interpolated data points into WMS as a CSV file with XYZ coordinates and then triangulate in WMS. But to me that seems like I am running two types of interpolation on the same data set??

What is the best way to simply import the prepared DEM, raster file, or TIN into WMS as already prepared ArcGIS data, and simply add the segments, branches etc in WMS without re-editing/interpolating.

It is a very simple Lake bathymetry map I need, with inflow/outflow, with no watershed or tributaries etc.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!!!

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The best thing for you to do is to convert your TIN to a Grid file in ArcGIS at the cell size you want and read this grid into WMS as a WMS DEM. WMS reads several formats; an ArcInfo ASCII grid might be the best. You can try File | Open or right-click on the Terrain Data folder and select Open Digital Elevation file to read the grid as a DEM. Then, in WMS, there's an option to convert the DEM to a TIN (just right-click on the DEM and select Convert). You need to convert the DEM to a TIN in WMS to create a CE-QUAL-W2 bathymetry file.

After you have a TIN, you can follow the steps in the W2 tutorial to generate a bathymetry file. Follow the steps in the tutorial exactly, changing what's needed for your specific model. You don't need to read a TIN like the tutorial says since you already have one. Note that your XYZ units should all be the same in your TIN, and these are the units that will be used in your W2 model. You can also create control file information in WMS, but I think there are better editors for doing that.

The tutorial is located here:


I'd actually recommend using the WMS 10.0 beta version or at least the most recent version of WMS 9.1 to build your W2 model. There have been some recent bug fixes that will make things easier for you.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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Hi Chris

Thank you very much for replying to my question. I was a bit worried that somehow I would be losing, or smoothing some information along the way by converting from an ArcGIS TIN to a WMS DEM then back to a TIN etc, but if you are advising to do it that way then I feel reassured that it's fine to do it that way!!!

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