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Transient-MODFLOW terminate with error: Executable crashed!

Doung Ratha

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Since I have daily of recharge and also monitoring of groundwater head from 3/11/2012 to 6/23/2013, I would like to run transient simulation by setting number of stress periods= 469 days (start and end date is corresponded to the stated date); length=1; number of time step=10, use head solution in steady-state calibration in first stress period.

Running MODFLOW is not success. Error message:

Executable crashed!

MODLOW terminate with error!

I appreciate if anyone help to solve this problem.

Thank you very much.


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I don't see any inherent problems with how you set up your stress periods.

Did you run a steady state model before trying the transient run? If not then I would do that first and make sure it works and then do the transient.

Otherwise you can contact support@aquaveo.com so the support team can get a copy of your files and trouble shoot with you.

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Hello Alan,

It is OK with the steady state model. It terminated successfully when i run steady state. Anyway, it also terminated successfully with transient running when I changed Number of stress periods and/or Number of time steps in two cases (see attached). But I don't like the results from those two cases because I want stress periods match to the time where I input data in the map module changes (daily change).

It seems GMS software that i have in my machine limits the Number of stress periods or Number of time steps. It seems work well when the total number of time steps = <100.

Thank you.



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