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Automatically connect SFR and LAK interactions from conceptual model


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Currently with the conceptual model approach in GMS 10.0, arcs used to represent streamflow routing segments (SFR2) can be linked to nodes connected to polygons used to represent lakes (LAK3), however with the Map -> MODFLOW conceptual model conversion, the OUTSEG and INSEG IDs of the SFR2 Package are all 0, meaning their relations are not understood by GMS. As per the SFR specification, OUTSEG and INSEG connections to/from lakes are negative lake IDs. As a workaround, these need to be manually edited in the SFR2 MODFLOW dialog after performing a Map -> MODFLOW conversion.

This feature request is to enable automatic LAK3 and SFR2 linkages with the conceptual model approach, as is currently done with reaches of SFR2 arcs. That is, identify OUTSEG and IUPSEG based on connections to either other streamflow routing reaches (positive) or lake IDs (negative). This can be automatically be done by identifying the direction and connection of SFR2 arcs to polygons associated with the Lake Package.

A good example of combining stream and lake interactions is Test 2 of "A New Streamflow-Routing (SFR1) Package to Simulate Stream-Aquifer Interaction with MODFLOW-2000".

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