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Grid cross-section

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I have noticed that different selections brings different grid cross sections.

When I select the Modflow simulation item in the Project Manager before using the slice, the result is a cross section reflecting the IBOUND model value.

When I select the grid item the cross section reflects the grid elevation.

Is it correct?

Where I can find help on this cross-section topic?

Is it possible to resize the grid size without rebuild the whole Modflow simulation process?

I'm interested in the z elevation. The grid elevation is set to 50 m asl while the top elevation and both the starting/computed heads are less than 5 m asl.

Is it possible to limit the grid z elevation in the cross section display?

Is it possible to set the material to be displayed or not?

Thank you.


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The help on cross-sections can be found on the XMS Wiki at http://www.xmswiki.com/xms/GMS:Cross_Section. The tool is also described with the 3D grid tools at http://www.xmswiki.com/xms/GMS:3D_Grid_Tool_Palette.

As you've found, cross-sections use the cell activity from the current dataset to determine where cross-section is generated using the elevations from the grid nodes. Once the cross section is generated and cross-section contours are displayed, the contours reflect the active grid dataset.

Cross-sections have their own display settings in the Display Options dialog. You can turn on faces to show the materials or if you turn on contours they display over the material. If you want to show both with color fill contours, you can turn on contour transparency to let the materials show through.

It isn't possible to directly change the grid size for the cross-section or to limit the elevation. A possible work around would be to make a copy of your project file and adjust the elevations like you want displayed in the cross section.

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