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Error in running MODFLOW-USG-Quadtree

Doung Ratha

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I am a GMS new user.

Before going further to apply MODFLOW-USG-Quadtree into my model area, I am trying to learn this tool from MODFLOW-USG-Quadtree tutorial. Even i follow each steps of the tutorial, I still can't run it successfully.

Error: MODFLOW terminated with error!

I tried again since first step still the final one. It still appears same error in running step. I also checked error by using "Model Checker". No Errors or Warning found in model inputs (Model checker lighting in green color). I also follow each steps of the tutorial by applying into my actual model area. It occurs same error.

Question: why I can't run it successfully even no errors or warning found in the model checker? what should I do? If in model checker could not find errors or waning, how i can find input any error by myself?

(I am using GMS 10.0.3)

Please help.

Thank you in advance for your time.


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While it's always good to run the model checker, it can't find every possible reason that MODFLOW could fail to run. When MODFLOW reports it terminated with an error, the error can be found in the MODFLOW output file. When MODFLOW finishes running toggle on Read solution on exit at the bottom of the MODFLOW run dialog and click on Close. An error may show saying there is an error reading the biscayne.hed file if so hit OK. The solution folder should appear in the Project Explorer entitled biscayne (MODFLOW). If you double click on the biscayne.out file you can view the MODFLOW output. A dialog will appear where you can select the program to view the file with. At the end of the file it should display the MODFLOW error.

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