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GMS horizontal anisotropy functionality


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I have been trying to use the horizontal anisotropy function to model an area that has many dikes of similar strike. I'm not exactly sure what GMS is doing, however, becaue I can not find any documentation, on forums or the wiki, about how this feature works with the MODFLOW LFP package . For example is the anisotropy always aligned with grid cells? Is there anywhere else to access the feature besides the LPF dialog?

If anyone can point me to documentation about this, or can explain it I would be much appreciative!


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The LPF documentation about CHANI and LAYVKA is probably what you're looking for. "The horizontal anisotropy is the ratio of the hydraulic conductivity along columns (the Y direction) to the hydraulic conductivity along rows (the X direction)." The Horizontal anisotropy can also be accessed via the Cell Properties dialog (select some cells, right-click, Properties).

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