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Problem with SEAWAT


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I conducted two simulations, both a steady-state and a transient one, trying to simulate seawater intrusion in a coastal aquifer. At first, I used MODFLOW and MT3DMS without taking into account the density difference between seawater and freshwater. Then, I tried to use SEAWAT both for the steady-state and the transient simulation. But the models didn’t run. I tried to run them both in 8.1 and 9.0 versions of GMS. The model grid consists of 100x100m cells and 5 layers.

Regarding the steady-state simulation an error occurred and the model crashed. More specifically the message says: “This file is not a GMS MODFLOW superfile. Assuming NAM file. Using NAM file:… Executable crashed”. For the transport simulation, I divided the simulation period into 360 monthly stress periods (30d length each).

Regarding the transient simulation, which uses as initial conditions the results of the steady-state, the model runs, but it stops and the message says “GCG SOLVER FAILED TO CONVERGE FOR ONE OR MORE SPECIES”. In this case, the simulation period was divided into 102 seasonal stress periods (212d & 153d length = 365d, 1 year).

Can you tell what is the problem in each situation and what am I doing wrong?

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